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Our mission to create passive income for everyone and open up the flood gates of DeFi. Read more about it on our light paper.

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Exclusive Roadmap of Masrelic

Phase 1

  • Pre-Sale and Token launch
  • Uniswap Listing
  • First automatic burn
  • CoinGecko listing
  • Set burn time-frame with holders
  • Marketing campaign roll out
  • Use case reveal
  • Youtube DeFi and Updates
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • First Exchange Listing

Phase 2

  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • 500 RELIC Hodlers
  • 500 Telegram Members
  • Staking
  • Aggressive marketing campaign
  • Medium articles
  • Dapp dashboard
  • 1000 Telegram Members
  • Binance Chain Launch

Phase 3

  • Pursue more exchange listings
  • Form Partnerships
  • Sandbox land development
  • DAO features
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Special Projects
  • 10,000 Hodlers


Buy tax

Aside from our anti-whale philosophy, where each wallet has a max 2% limit of total supply, RELIC charges a buy/sell tax in order to curb parabolic movements.

2% Dividends

2% of every transaction is converted into dividends. This is automatically sent to our dividend contract where users can pull rewards from.

2% Treasury Wallet

2% of every transaction goes to our Treasury Wallet. This is our bread and butter to grow everyone's RELIC Holdings.

sell tax

2% Liquidity Pool

2% of every transaction is converted into liquidity. This is automatic and helps to create a price floor (stability)

Engineering Projects

Part of our treasury wallet will be used to invest in our engineering for use case revenue. More information to come as we start building more RELIC features.